adventures in running

>5/25/10 …. training day two … FAIL

>Today I was supposed to cross-train. I had it in my mind to do Yoga on the Wii.

The plan –

  • Come home from work to let the dog out ’cause Mom’s training tonight
  • Yoga on the Wii
  • Watch The Biggest Loser Finale

What really happened —
I was strong armed by my co-workers to stay in Tulsa and watch the Biggest Loser Finale at a co-workers house. It was fun, but I wasn’t too productive!

Mom had to come home between work and training.

So, when I got home, I did a few yoga moves on my own, now …… now I’m ready to go to sleep ….

I’m not looking forward to my run tomorrow. )= But, I know I can do it!! I’d rather join the walking class, but that isn’t a challenge. I know I can walk several miles!!


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