adventures in running

>5/26/10 …. training day three


I woke up this morning at 6:20, BEFORE my alarm went off, and I was ready to go! So, I started getting ready.
I went to Academy on my lunch break and got a technical shirt. (25% off Russell Athletic)
Today, as was Monday, our intervals were to run for 1 minute, and walk for 3. We repeat that 9 times. The lady leading the class today had us walking slower than we were on Monday. I liked it better! HA But … it was SUPER humid, so she may have had a reason. I also don’t think she always kept a close eye on our time!
So, I corrected three of my problems from Monday.

  • I wore a technical shirt
  • I wore different shoes – I want to get fitted at Fleet Feet but I can’t afford that right now
  • I wore running socks

But, the super exciting news today ………. I RAN ALL 9 TIMES!!!!
After training there was a Gear Clinic … what to wear, what not to wear ….
The lady said “cotton is rotten” — it holds moisture in, it doesn’t pull it away from your skin.
I also learned that when they call something technical, like the technical shirt, or the socks I wore were technical socks … it just means synthetic material, not made of cotton.
When I got home ….. mom showed me this ….
It’s called a Chilly Pad and it’s made by Frogg Toggs
It feels weird to the touch, but really felt good. I put it on my leg and left it there. It stayed cool! You can use it to wipe up sweat! Mom got it at Hibbett’s for $12.99. They have them in different colors, so …. if you’re doing lots of things outdoors this summer, you should grab one.
So, it’s 10:20 and I’m ready for bed!!!

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