adventures in running

>day 10

>I thought my intervals were supposed to be run 2 minutes, walk 3 BUT was PLEASANTLY surprised when I learned it was only run 1, walk 2, 12 times! WOOOHOOOOO!!!

Totally forgot the frogg togg in my car! SOOO SAD!! IT WAS HOT today!!

I almost gave up on the last run, but my new friends pushed me! I told God I was very thankful for my new friends on my way home!

So ….. we circle around in the middle of the street, and get behind the back of the group (they circle around, too) to keep those at the back from getting too far behind. There was one lady tonight that my new friends and I passed the first run. When we circled around, she didn’t stay where she was, she got back toward the front. EVERYTIME!!! So we had to pass her EVERYTIME!!! That got old!! You’re supposed to find someone you can run behind and just stay put!!

I got a new Under Armour sleeveless technical shirt to run in! I’m super excited about it!!!

So, now I’m ready to get an “ice blanket” (reusable blue freezey stuff in several little rectangles to create a blanket) on my shoulders, and then sleep won’t be far behind!



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