adventures in running

>day 17

>Intervals are still run 2, walk 3, 7 times …. IT WAS HARD!!!!

My stomach was a little upset at about 4 this afternoon. I’d been out in the heat helping someone move and then drank a soda, which probably wasn’t a good idea, but it was purchased for me and I WANTED IT!!!

I ate a few wheat thins with peanut butter on top, ya know, for fuel ….. and that didn’t really help my stomach ….. so I only ate a few.

The first run was hard. We also ran up a hill (the same hill) two times in a row – like our third run and fourth run, we ran up the same hill. That was hard.

The sixth run I slowed way down. I was sooo ready to walk the seventh run. The walk between my sixth and seventh run, my friends came back to where I was and made me run the seventh time.

I WAS HURTING!!!! My calves were SOOO TIGHT!!! BUT I DID IT!!!!

I think somewhere in the middle I stopped running for about 5 seconds, but that was it! I ran the rest of it!!!!

This is HARD but I really do like the challenge!!!


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