adventures in running

>day 21

>Today was supposed to be a 45 minute walk …. and I didn’t do it!!!! I helped at the Tulsa Triathlon at Skiatook Lake! Those people are NUTS!!! They swam 1500 meters, biked 40 kilometers, and ran 10 kilometers. So …. AFTER swimming, they come out of the water, towel off just a bit, most of them threw on a shirt and their bike shoes and they were off! When they came back in, (my assumption is that their legs are SCREAMING at them!) they have to dismount – pull their leg over the seat of the bike!!! OUCH!!!! THEN ……. THEN THEY RUN!!!!!! SUPER CRAZY!!!! I had a ton of fun at the triathlon! I was actually at the FINISH LINE and talked to almost everyone as they came in!!!! I took their timing chips off their ankles …. can you say EEWWWW!!!! (sweaty! if nothing else ……)

AND ….. I win the stupid award for the weekend …. I was out there from about 8:15-1:30 and didn’t have ANY sunscreen on!! I am super red EVERYWHERE that was exposed! I will not do that again! I HAD SUNSCREEN!!!! I was running late, and was unsure of where to go, and didn’t want to hassle with my bag with the sunscreen and my camera ….. so no pics either! Next time …. next time I’ll put sunscreen on before I leave home!!!


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