adventures in running

>day 26

>I met with one of my friends from running class this evening at Riverside. The other friend from running class couldn’t come. We’ve decided to meet on Fridays to do the honor runs scheduled for Saturday. It’s easier for all 3 of us to meet on Friday (most of the time) than to try to meet on Saturday, or to do the honor runs on our own! I am so thankful for my new running friends!!

Our intervals this week were rrun 2, walk 3, 8 times. We set out to do 8, but only ended up doing 7. I think we could have done the last one, we just chose not to.

We started at the first parking lot just north of 71st street, and went until the path goes from being separate for pedestrians and bikers to where it’s a shared trail and turned around. At least 2 1/2 miles, probably further than that.

It was a good run, it was HOT!! I have decided that I will probably not wear my hat when I run there. It’s shaded most of the way, and the hat is hot on my head if there’s no breeze!!

***After my run on Wednesday, where I could only run 6 of the 8 intervals, I decided to give up drinking soda. I had a large sonic diet dr. pepper with vanilla for breakfast, and drank it most of the morning. Which meant I wasn’t drinking water ….. I think that’s part of what slowed me down on Wednesday. So …. no soda! So, today was day 2 of no soda! I have a bag of sonic ice in the freezer at work, and will have one in the freezer at home tomorrow. I fill up my cup with ice and then pour water in ….. and drink the water and eat the ice at the same time!!!

The question is ….. I would like to have a root beer flurry (sonic’s word …. well, now they call it a blended float, I guess flurry didn’t catch on!) but it has root beer in it …. and I would only have them at home ….. does that go against my no soda thing?


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  1. >Root beer is soda….right? ;). When I gave up soda, it was ALL carbonated beverages! Made a really big difference!

    June 19, 2010 at 12:02 am

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