adventures in running

>day 28 and 29

>Day 28 …. I was supposed to walk but I didn’t. Lazzzzzyyy!!!!

Day 29 ….. intervals were supposed to be run 2 walk 2, repeat 8 times. I received 3 emails from my coach – first one said to hydrate!!! And that we were still running. Second email said we were only going to do half of our intervals, and to walk more in between. The third email had articles about how to stay hydrated.

So, it was super hot. I didn’t have my hat! )= Made me super sad. I took it inside at home to wash it ….. it was time! I couldn’t find my sunglasses in my car at lunch, and I couldn’t find them on my desk. I told some co-workers and one went digging in her bag. She pulled out at least 2 pairs!!!! I took one, but saw mine on the receptionist desk on my way out! Apparently I’d left them on the counter at some point early in the day! Glad to have found them!!!!

We get to our groups and my coach says we’re supposed to run 3 walk 2, 7 times and I said “no, no” and she thought I meant we couldn’t do that. I told her we were supposed to run 2 walk 2. So …. that was a good catch! She said we were going to run 2 and walk 3 like we did last week, but we were only going to do it 4 times.

My friends and I did well, we weren’t too tired, but we had sweat pouring off of us.

My group is P3, P2 is a faster paced running group, and P4 is for walkers. When we went to stretch with our group afterwards we saw P2 still going ….. so my friends and I ran to join them. I think that was our problem. We ran faster and longer than we are used to. So, we did that run with them, (they didn’t walk 3, they stayed with the walk 2 interval!!) and the second run a friend and I gave up. Our other friend did well, though!!

So, no hat, but I did about 6 runs!!!! I was GROSS afterwards!!!!


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