adventures in running

>day 33

>Today was my honor run day. I met with one of my friends (the other doesn’t seem to be able to meet on Fridays like she thought she would!) at 71st and Riverside. Monday and Wednesday at class we should have been doing the intervals run 2 walk 2, eight times. It was so hot that they backed us off. We ran 2 walked 3, only 4 times. But, the coach said when we did our honor runs she wanted us to do it early on Saturday or Sunday, and to do the intervals we were supposed to do this week.

Well, we DID NOT meet EARLY …. we met at 5:30pm. But we did run 2 walk 2 …. 6 1/2 times! My calves just didn’t want to go anymore!!!!! My friend had a severe pain in one foot, at about the ball of her foot. She didn’t say anything until after we ran, so I’m not sure how long it was hurting.


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