adventures in running

>day 35

>Today’s intervals were run 3 walk 3, 6 times. And it wasn’t too hot, so we were going to do it all!

Well, my friends and I were at the front for the first few runs. On the fifth run, I got a horrible pain in my right side. I pushed through the run, but fell way back in the group. When I finished that run, I decided I was done running for the night. It was probably a good choice, because about the time we made it back to the stretching area, my side quit hurting.

The coaches say running is almost all mental, and I believe that. I might have been able to run at least SOME of that last run, but I’d decided I was done, and by golly, I was!

Really wanted a soda, but decided not to …… tomorrow, however, may be a splurge!

Tonight was also the memorial service for Specialist Andrew Looney. His family lives in Owasso. The people of Owasso (and I suppose the surrounding areas ’cause I wanted to be there) were encouraged to line the streets for the procession. I’ve seen some pictures from the evening, and heard there were about 3,000 people there to line the streets. I am thankful to live in such an amazing community. And, the hate group people who call themselves a church were there, but I heard there were only a few of them.

I was driving home after my run thinking about that hate group. I saw pictures of KIDS on their flyer or website holding those rotten signs. Not only are they trying to antagonize the Christians, or at least those who support military men and women, they are teaching their OWN CHILDREN rotten things. Things that AREN’T biblical. What documentation do they have that says what they believe? What historical documentation do they have? I am sad for them, and for their kids, and for the people who might be naive enough to believe that junk.

Thank you, Owasso, for taking a stance for Specialist Andrew Looney, his family, and the military men and women everywhere!


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