adventures in running

>day 37

>Went on my lunch break to be fit for running shoes.

I also signed up for the Firecracker 5k on Saturday with a new running friend. We’ll run our intervals and then probably walk until we get to the finish line. I hope to have enough energy to run across the finish line. I’m slightly bummed about the run, though. My mom will be out of town so I won’t have anyone to take pictures of me coming across the finish line of my first attempt at running in a 5k. I suppose I’ll survive.

So, today I ran in my new shoes! They felt pretty good.

The intervals today were run 3 walk 3, 6 times …. and I was able to run ALL 6 TIMES!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!

I got a pain in my side on the last run, but I pushed through!!

Our coach is now starting to tell us our distance and the time – so today we ran/walked 2.4 miles in 36 minutes. Not bad for a bunch of beginners!


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