adventures in running

>day 39

>Should have been a cross-training day but it wasn’t.

But … TOMORROW’S THE FIRECRACKER 5K!!! I’m a little excited and a lot nervous! My joke (and Liz Cook’s who will be running with me and one of my new running firneds) is that we hope we don’t die. I suppose it’s a serious thing, but I don’t think we’d actually die from running!

So …. I showered tonight so I don’t have to do it in the morning. I have my clothes layed out, ready to go for tomorrow. My shoes and socks are in the living room by the couch. The frogg togg and directions are in the car. I’ll have peanut butter toast for breakfast at about 5:30 and I’ll head toward downtown at about 5:50. I still really wish my mom could be there.

I realized yesterday, with the help of my Thursday School leader, that I really have been taking the credit for my running. I haven’t considered asking God for help. I haven’t thanked Him for allowing me to finish a run (and not die!) That is going to change now. Lord, guide my steps tomorrow. Keep me safe. Keep all the runners and walkers safe. Let me not seek to glorify myself, but to bring glory to You!


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