adventures in running

>day 40 – Firecracker 5k – practice 5k!

>So, I woke up at 5 this morning and got ready. Ate peanut butter toast at 5:30 and left at 5:50.

The 5k was downtown, starting and ending right by where the new Fleet Feet store will be. I was there super early! (Which is a super good feeling!)

Met up with my running friend (from my running group) and then we met with Liz Cook, a friend of mine from way back. Liz is a runner. She told us this morning about running a marathon in Washington D.C. I didn’t know she had done that! But, she wanted someone to run with so she ran with us, doing our intervals (run 3 walk 3.) HA By the second time to walk she was itching to run!! She stuck with us until the half-way point, though, and then she took off!!! SUPER PROUD OF YOU, LIZ!!!

So, my running friend and I continued our intervals. One the second or third run we hit 3 minutes at the bottom of a hill, but we CONTINUED RUNNING AND RAN UP THE HILL! Our coaches would be proud!!! (So that put us at 4 minutes!!) The run before the finishing run I stopped at a minute thirty, so my friend did too. But, when time rolled around again, WE RAN. We ran for close to 4 minutes …. TO CROSS THE FINISH LINE!!!!

My time was 47:49! Mom’s time on her graduation 5k (after she’d completed the couch to 5k class) was 44:13. I’m 34 days away from my graudation 5k …. I WILL BEAT HER TIME!!!!

So, no one was there on my behalf to take my picture as I crossed the finish line. Super sad news! I took some self pics …. and of course, they’re FANTASTIC! The co-owner of Fleet Feet was at the finish line with her camera and GINORMOUS lens …. and I think she got us just before the finish line! If so, I’ll post it!

AND …. I fear that my mom will run in my graduation 5k and not be at the finish line like I was for her ….. SO SOMEONE ELSE IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE THERE TO TAKE PICTURES!!! Any volunteers??

AFTER: hair smashed to my head!
ah …. with the hat … much better!
WOOOHOOOO!! I haven’t had soda in about 2 1/2 weeks!
A Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla was my REWARD!!
So …. that’s the story today! Now I’m working on laundry! Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to run this race and to not die! (=

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