adventures in running

>day 40 and 41

>I should have walked yesterday but it was the 4th of July and I didn’t!!

Today, even though it was my day off, I drove to Fleet Feet to run with my group. This week’s intervals are run 3 walk 2, 7 times. I did well on the first few times. We ran up a new hill today. Just before that hill we were in an awkward spot. Another running group was in our way so we headed up a cul-de-sac hill. I’m going to quit calling my running friends my running friends ’cause that’s a lot of typing. There’s T and S. S couldn’t come today, but she’s the one that I ran with in the Firecracker 5k! T was there tonight.

We were passing people who were going slow WALKING up the hill. So, I’m walking around someone and I fall. I DON’T KNOW HOW I fell!!! Someone behind me said they thought I stepped in a hole, but I don’t think I did. Anyway, luckily the person I was passing got around me. Almost all of the class (it was a small class ’cause it was a “holiday”) was BEHIND me so they saw me fall! Not only did I fall …. I ROLLED!!!! hahaha

I got up and when the whistle blew to run, off I went! I didn’t think I got any scrapes, but this evening as I was getting ready for bed I saw that I had a few on my right elbow. AND THAT ELBOW HURTS!!! So does my right hip!! That will certainly leave a mark!!

Yeah, today was not the best run I’ve had …. I’d have to say that so far, the Firecracker run was the best one! But I’m looking forward to the Run to Breathe in honor of Haley Brooke Palmer in Owasso on July 17!!!


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  1. >YAY!! Glad you are doing the Run To Breathe!! I'll be volunteering for it and will see you there!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! :)Kami

    July 5, 2010 at 11:03 pm

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