adventures in running

>day 44 – benefits of running

>Today was another bum day. No exercise …… but I got an email from my coach today that lists benefits from running ….. and they all make me happy!!

1) Running burns more calories through cardiovascular exercise than other forms of exercise, i.e. yoga, bicycling, weight lifting-in fact a 220 pound person burns more calories than a 120 pound person!

2) Improves cardiovascular health; lowering blood pressure and helping arteries expand and contract properly; risk of heart attack and stroke diminish.

3) Slows down the aging process! Woohoo!  Running regularly slows down bone and muscle loss.

4) Builds up bone density; helps prevent osteoporosis.

5) Relieves stress, shown to improve mild depression; running releases endorphins, creating a sense of “euphoria.”

6) Endorphins heal the body quicker. I’m not saying that you won’t get ill; but your body repairs itself better if you have been physically active.

7) Improves Coordination
Here are websites for reference ….


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