adventures in running

>day 46, 47 and 48

>Day 46 (Saturday) …. I volunteered at the Haley Palmer Kick’n CF Soccer Tournament …. I worked in the concession stand from about 11:45-6:30. I made snow cones …. and it was a workout!!! It was super hot and everyone wanted a snow cone! I had a great time, all my muscles hurt!

Day 47 (Sunday) … I did nothing! My muscles were super sore!!

Day 48 (Monday) Intervals this week are run 3 walk 1, 8 times. It was super hot! Super muggy! I ran all my runs but run number 6. S and I walked that one …. but we ran 7 and 8! Wednesday we’ll run all of them!

Looking forward to running in the Run to Breathe in honor of Haley Palmer! If you’re in the Owasso area, come out and support Cystic Fibrosis research!!!


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