adventures in running

>day 55

>It was a hot day!! The intervals this week are run 4 walk 3, 6 times. Because it was so hot, we only did half as many as we were supposed to. So, we did it 3 times. It was ROUGH! But, I ran all 4 minutes, all 3 times!!! So proud of myself! It was difficult. There were times where I just focused on the person in front of me ….. and staying with them!!

I love running. I didn’t ever think I’d say that. My body doesn’t enjoy it as much as I would like …. but it’s really pretty fun. This heat is only a distraction. In January it’ll be the cold weather or ice ….. there’s always an excuse! That’s been my life so far! No more excuses …. running is good for me, and I like it …. I just need someone else to run with me. I’m bad on my own!


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