adventures in running

>day 56 and 57

>Day 56 was rest day ….. I mowed and fixed dinner.

Day 57, intervals are still run 4 walk 3, 6 times. The run coordinator only wanted us to do half the intervals, only do it 3 times. Our coach wants us to be able to complete our graduation 5k so we did all of them. Well, I dind’t. I ran the first 3. Struggling. It was hard. I didn’t even attempt to run 4 and 5. Then I ran about a minute and a half of 6.

Our coach says running is at least 90% mental and I believe it. When I decided not to run run 4, my body agreed and it was down hill from there …. if I’d attempted to run I probably could have pushed through and run all of it ……

It was hot today! I finally got the water bottle I’ve been looking for …. Camelbak (on the right there’s a “select options” button …. i got the black one) it has a small pocket for driver’s license and a credit card, and probably my current cell phone, but not an iphone, and a hook inside the pocket for a key. Several people in our group have one, and I decided that’s what I wanted, and then for 3 weeks couldn’t find one anywhere. They said they got it at Fleet Feet, but Fleet Feet didn’t have any! I went to Academy and Sports Authority on 41st and neither of them had one ….. well … TODAY Fleet Feet had a bunch hanging with the rest of the hydration stuff!!! WOOHOOOO It made my day …. but didn’t make my run better. I didn’t take it with me. I wanted to give it a thorough washing first, and put nice COLD water in it …. I’ll probably fill it with ice about half way, cover that with water, and then freeze it ….. then fill it the rest of the way before I go to run. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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