adventures in running

>day 58-61 – (day 60 was the mock 5k, day 61 was the Chris Brown Duathlon)

>Day 58, Thursday, rest day. My Thursday School class went and helped make some ladies’ days special.

Day 59, Friday, Drillers game with my Thursday School friends. At the middle of the 6th, the Drillers were down 10-4. They came back to win 11-10!!!! It was fireworks night and we were seated in the “general admission” area, which is the grass! They told us that in the 8th inning we would have to move. We could move to empty seats, or stand in a specified area. So, we moved to some seats and helped a group in front of us start the wave ….. THAT EVENTUALLY WENT ALL THE WAY AROUND THE STADIUM!!!! That was a blast!!!

Day 60, Saturday, mock 5k day with my pace group. Our  main coach said she wanted us to run as much as we could. We had 4 coaches, each running a different pace (14 minute mile, etc,) My friend S and I decided we would run with the last group, which ended up being the third group. The last group had 2 coaches, and eventually broke into 2 groups. My friend T was with the fastest group and did well running up there!

S and I were the only 2 running with one of the coaches. I ran for 1.6 miles straight!!!! S did great, too, but walked some of that, but kept up with us. At 1.6 I walked for about a mile. S got her second wind and took off. I stayed with the coach, she ran, I walked next to her. At 2.6, I ran the last half a mile! We finished in 53 minutes, so I didn’t beat my time. But, we stopped several times to allow cars to cross the street so we didn’t get hit, and were stopped by a lady looking for a playground for her kiddo. So, regardless of my time, I RAN 1.6 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING!! I am going to ask S and T if we can meet next Saturday morning, instead of our usual Friday, and try to run it all. I want to be able to run all 3.1 miles!! My graduation 5k is 2 weeks from yesterday!!

Day 61, Sunday, I got someone to cover mny preschool Sunday School class commitment and I helped at the Chris Brown Duathlon. This Duathlon was run 3.1 miles, bike 18.6 miles, and run 3.1 more miles. I am not sure who Chris Brown was (I’m sure it’s not the one from my Thursday School class.) I was there by 6:40!!! I was early. I put my Sunscreen on my face in the car, on the way. I had wet wipes to get it off my hands. It was hot!!! It was fun!!! Not as much fun as the Tulsa Tri, because I wasn’t at the finish line, but it was worth my time!!! I just can’t imagine wanting to run again after running 3.1 miles, then hopping on a bike for 18.6 miles. I just imagine my legs would be jello!!!


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