adventures in running


>Woke up at 5:20 this morning! Ate a slice of toast with peanut butter. Played with my iphone4. Got dressed, and then I was out the door.

I met my friends. Listened to my coach’s last minute instructions. Pottied in a port-a-potty (eww!) And we were OFF!!!!

There were only two coaches from my normal group with us, and one from a different group. One coach was running about a 13-13:30 mile (40-42 minute 5k) – leading a group. One coach was going to run the race between a 15 and 16 minute mile (about 47 minute 5k). I wanted to be at about 44. So, I wanted to be between those coaches. I tried for a while to keep up with the first coach, and I shouldn’t have. But, my goal was to keep AHEAD of the coach trying to finish in 47 minutes! AND I DID!!!!  Also, my friend, S, did a good job of keeping up with the coach, so she left me to run by myself. I ran for a good long time before I stopped. I kept setting small goals for myself – keep running until you get to that street light, you want walk until that street light and then you have to run.

The mile/km markers were a tad difficult because there was a quarter marathon using some of the same course. I breezed right past the water stops because I had my super cool water bottle! Didn’t waste any time there. But, at the second water stop, the sign said “4 Water Stop” so I assumed it meant the 4th km …. BUT IT DIDN’T!!! ugh! I ran up EVERY hill I came to! (my coach told us we’d better!) I ran most of the last km (after I finally saw the 4km sign!) I was running in, and my coach was headed back to run us in, and she made me run faster than I had the whole class. At this point I felt like I was either running ’cause I stole something or running ’cause someone was trying to catch me.

But … I made excellent time!!!! 44:18 was my chip time. My gun time was about 45:20. Here’s a link to the results … but the gun time on this IS NOT accurate! ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE DID NOT CROSS THE START LINE AT THE SAME TIME! HA Race Results — Female Results – 5k – I was 381

Afterwards it took me a while to find my friends. (They’d both finished before me, of course!)

It was fun. I’ll do it again!

Here are some pics!

Mom and me
My coach zip tying my chip to my shoe
T, me, and S BEFORE
Mom liked this shirt enough to take a pic …. I think it’s pretty funny!
That blue blur just behond the timer is ME
Across the finish line
me, T, and S AFTER!

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  1. >Congrats on finishing the challenge!! You should be very proud 🙂

    August 7, 2010 at 7:17 pm

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