adventures in running

>9.4.10 – Hustle for Hunger

>As soon as I heard about the Hustle for Hunger, I knew I would be running the 5k!! This race benefits the Owasso food banks (Mission Owasso, Standing in the Gap, etc)!

It’s been 4 weeks since my graduation run. My goal was to run all of this 5k, but I did a poor job of training so I couldn’t run all of it.

Two weeks ago, Mom and I went for a run. I ran most of two miles. Afterwards, my feet hurt pretty badly. For the next week, my left foot felt like I bruised the bottom. That made running that week impossible. This past week, training resumed at Fleet Feet but I couldn’t’ go on Monday or Wednesday …. so I will begin on Wedneday (Monday’s a holiday.)

The Hustle for Hunger ….. Mom and I ran the first kilometer together … after that I was always a minute or two behind her. I’m not sure why. I’m not sure what my problem is …. but I will eventually catch her! HAHAHA

Many times I had to set a goal – run to the _____ (cone, for sale sign … etc.)

Mom and I started in the back … and I mean in the back. When we took off, there were 5 people behind us ….. and then the golf cart bringing up the rear …… We had no where to go but back! UGH!!

I came in 93 out of 96 women ….. 158 out of 161 ….. check out the overall female results … I finished in 46:30…. not fantastic, but not bad.

Next year …. I’m recruiting for YOU!!!


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