adventures in running

>moving on …. class 2!

>So, I finished my 5k and I want to keep running …. Fleet Feet has plenty of groups for me to run with, even up through training for a marathon …. but I’m not there yet! (I am pondering running a half marathon, 13.1 miles, in 2012 at Disney World. I figure if I’m going to do something as adventurous as run 13.1 miles, I might as well do it somewhere fun!!!)

Classes actually started last week but I was unable to go on Monday and Wednesday. And this past Monday was a holiday so the groups didn’t go out. So, I signed up today after work, hoping they wouldn’t actually go running because it was raining, and had been raining all day…. BUT NO SUCH LUCK …. OUT WE WENT!!!! (and sopping wet we came back!!) (=

I had two choices when I signed up …. last “semester” for lack of a better term, I ran in the slowest beginning running group. I ran close to the middle most of the time. So, it really was my pace. My choices were to go back ot the beginning running group with a faster pace than the one I was in last semester (work on speed), OR go on, continue where my group left off, starting with running 6 minutes and walking 1 minute (work on endurance). I chose endurance. I figured I needed that to be able to run an entire 5k without walking …….

So, I started with the next group, run 6 walk 1. I was told they had two groups, a slower group and a faster group. I definitely wanted to be part of the slower group. But, because it was raining, most of the group didn’t show up, so we all ran together. I was in the back!! I ran the first 6, not even keeping up, but there were others with me, so I didn’t feel so bad. I ran about half of the 2nd set, but really struggled with the 3rd. When we got to the school, where there is a water fountain out by the street, I saw the other group I could have joined, with my running friend from last semester, S. I decided I was going to run with the other group …. they’re still “beginners” so we just ran a minute, but it was fast. This was much more do-able for me. Hopefully it will still get me to running an entire 5k and not needing to walk any!!

So, I was soaked from head to toe. I had a good run, I enjoyed being back with S. I’m looking forward to running an entire 5k without needing to walk!!!


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