adventures in running

>class 2 day 2

>Last time I decided to train with the P2 group – last semester I was with the P3 group. The P2 group runs the same intervals, but at a faster pace. Today was a rough run! Today’s intervals were run 1 walk 2, 12 times. I ran all 12 times, and pretty much kept up! But that’s all I wanted to run! My lower legs, like the insides of my lower legs, HURT FROM THE FIRST STEP OF THE RUN …. and continued to hurt through the class!!

We went 2.3 miles in 36 minutes. Not bad!

Mom and I are running in a bedlam run on Saturday! I hope to at least beat my time from the Hustle for Hunger.

We were going to run the Komen the next Saturday …. but I just don’t think I’m up to it …. I’d really rather sleep in THIS Saturday …. but that won’t happen! This is Mom’s graduation race!


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