adventures in running

>9.18.10 Bedlam Run

>The Bedlam Run was Mom’s graduation race for her second class.

We started in the middle of the pack. The night before, I purchased the “run tracker” app. I already had an arm band that would hold it, I put it on my forearm so I could look down at it. I turned off my auto-lock, so the screen stayed on the whole time. The app allows me to “split” my time, so at each kilometer, I split it, and I know how fast I ran each k of the race.

I wanted to run as far as possible without stopping to walk …… my legs hurt almost as soon as I started running. Sad news! If your legs hurt, you don’t really want to run!

But, I ran all of the first k in 8:09 (probably what messed me up for the remainder of the race), and that was too fast for me!

2nd k – 9:37

3rd k – 9:20

4th k – 9:34

5th k – 9:40

I averaged 9:15/km ….. all that is according to my app …. which stopped at 5k because I set it as a distance run, and 5k was the distance to hit. And the app hit 5k about 20 seconds before I hit the finish line …. so I’m not sure where that figures in to the time per kilometer.

I finished. I finished 13/14 in my age group. The good news is, in January I’ll move up an age group. HAHAHAH GOOD NEWS! YEAH RIGHT!!!!

I really am working to run my entire graduation race. I am seriously considering running a half marathon at Disney World in 2012. I’d like to do it while I’m still 30 …. and I have from January 23, 2011 to January 22, 2012 to do it!! And I figure if I’m going to run a half marathon …. I want it to be somewhere fun!!!

Mom and me … BEFORE …. 

Mom’s Rogers County No Boundaries Group
The mentors ….. Mom was a mentor in the walking group
The good thing about my mom running faster than me …..
a picture of me coming up to the finish line!!

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