adventures in running

>class 2 day 3

>Today was rough. My legs were already tight from running the 5k on Saturday.

Last week we ran 1 minute and walked 2. That seemed like the minute was over before I knew it. This week was run 2 walk 3. This was definitely harder. I found myself getting further and further behind the rest of the group. There’s a mentor that they call the sweeper, that stays at the back of the group, keeping an eye on those people.

Last semester, I was almost always in the middle of the group. The coach ran at a pace I was pretty comfortable at. This semester, there really isn’t anything for me. I really would like to continue running several minutes at a time, but at a slower pace. There is no “next class” for the group I came from. There’s a group that runs the same intervals, only faster, and then there’s a group that starts running like 6 minutes, but they are also at a faster pace.

Today I got a little discouraged. There really isn’t a running group for me. I’m really too slow for the group I’m running with, and definitely too slow for the group I’d like to be in. But, the sweeper was running with me and said that I could just be the tail. She’d wear her Garmin next time and set a pace for us. This group will swing back around to catch us, just like my last group. So, hopefully I’ll do better next time. I really think I start out too fast and then lose steam quickly.

I really enjoy running and I WILL NOT LET MY SLOW PACE HOLD ME BACK!!!


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  1. >Hey there…I noticed ur title from Kami's blog. I wanted you to know I started the Couch Potato to 5K last January. I thought I would never ever make it to 3 miles much less be able to run for 5 minutes!! I had days I wanted to cry…scream & quit!! Running is hard for me…it's not natural for me! But I am here to tell you I have ran 3…5ks now! I just did #3 on Saturday & I beat my previous time! I ran it in 31:32. I NEVER thought I could do it! So don't give up! You can do it!!! I promise! If I can…anyone can!! Go for it!! IT's all a mental game!! Blessings, Steph Thomason

    October 18, 2010 at 10:13 am

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