adventures in running

>5k …. CHECK! and then?

>So, I started this blog in May to track my 5k training. I wasn’t too certain I could actually run … but with proper training, I DID!! So, what next?

For the past few months, I have had it in my mind to complete a half marathon. I turn 30 this month and I’d love to run a a half marathon while I’m 30. I’m not sure why this seems like such a big deal, but it is!

I have set my heart on running the Disney World Half Marathon January 7, 2012. I’m not a huge fan of Disney or the Disney Characters, but I love the idea of running a half marathon in the Magic Kingdom!! If I’m going to complete a half marathon, I don’t want to do it in downtown Tulsa, I want to do it somewhere AMAZING! I want it to be an adventure!

So, in order to meet that goal, I will begin training for a 10k (6.2 miles) January 25th. The 10k will be at 9am on April 23, the OSU Scrub Run that benefits the Lifeshare Transplant Donor Service of Oklahoma.

I plan to complete two 10ks and then begin training for my half marathon.

In addition to running, I will be cross-training. Hopefully I’ll do several things to cross-train, but I’m looking forward to attending Zumba classes taught by a good friend!

Another goal I’m hoping to accomplish, especially with all this running and cross-training, is to be able to wear a beautiful dress (and look good in it!) for Christmas this year. Why? ‘Cause I want to feel good! I don’t ever do anything for Christmas worthy of a beautiful dress, but if I can wear one, I’ll find something to wear it to!!!


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