adventures in running

>10k training starts today!

>Well, actually, it starts tomorrow, but today I did my cross-training for the week. Zumba Fitness with Julie was fantastic!! Not only was Zumba fun, I had several friends there! Nothing better than exercising, when it doesn’t feel like exercising, AND DOING IT WITH FRIENDS!!!

I got my schedule for the 10k training and I was CONFUSED! With the Couch to 5k program, we had training two weekdays and then did our honor runs (on our own) on the weekend. According to the unclear schedule, I know we have the two weekday training sessions, but I also believe there’s a Saturday run scheduled AND an honor run? REALLY? Running 4 of the 7 days? Then there’s one cross-training day, one rest day, and one walk day. I’m not sure about that ….. and I don’t know that I want to drive to Tulsa every Saturday to run …….

Tomorrow, we’ll have orientation and a baseline workout to determine pace groups. If they don’t clarify the schedule, I’ll ask ’em! So ….. baseline workout …… I haven’t been running. I completed a 5k on December 11 – The Jingle Bell Run. But ….. I didn’t run much of it …. I had to use the restroom before the race ever started, but didn’t. Totally my fault. And, I had dressed warmer than I should have. I had on a hoodie, gloves, and an ear warmer. I took the gloves and ear warmer off and put ’em in the hoodie pocket, but didn’t wnat to take the hoodie off for fear of losing the things out of my pocket. And then I completed a 5k on January 8, but walked all but maybe 5 minutes of it. It was sooo cold. The cold air was just shocking to breathe in while running. So ….. I’m not really looking forward to the baseline workout. I hope I do well enough so they don’t kick me out of the 10k training program. 😉 LOL I doubt they’d kick me out, but I want to succeed!

So, I’m ready! I’m ready to begin this journey to the Disney World Half Marathon in January 2012!

In addition to my training, I’m beginning to eat healthy. Trying to eat a fruit or veggie for every meal. It’s not all I need to do, but it’s certainly a start! I don’t usually eat fruits and veggies!


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