adventures in running

>10k training day 2

>I was nervous about today. Tuesday they timed us during a mile run. I ran next to walkers most of the time …… So, time wise, I should be a walker. For more of that story, go to the previous post!

I am determined to be a runner, and to run/walk this training, so I went with the PW3 group tonight.

PW1 – Run the WHOLE time
PW2 – Run intervals (only walking a minute between running 6, 7, or 8 minutes) for the first 6 weeks, then RUN THE WHOLE TIME
PW3 – Run intervals the whole time (only walking one minute, start running at 6 minutes, at the end of training we’ll be running 12 minutes)
PW4 – Walkers

I was in the back the whole time, and the coach and everyone behind her had to circle around to get me, so I didn’t get too far behind, but I wasn’t the only one back there! I had a friend! We ARE slow, but we ARE running!!! I ran the entire time everyone else ran! We (the whole group) stopped during a run time for a water break and stopped during a run time to call the store to pick up an injured runner, but when everyone else was running, SO WAS I!!

How far did we go? 3 miles. THREE MILES!!! The 5ks are 3.1 … that was the goal for my last training. We went as far today in our training as our goal race for the last training session!! I believe THAT is an accomplishment!

I was ready to be done after 3 miles, but it was a wonderful run!!!

However, I will have two coaches ….. today’s coach was awesome! She told us the coach for Tuesdays runs fast …. so I’m a little worried about that, but only just a little. They’ll just have to circle around to get me!!

After running I went to my Thursday School. Then I came home and took a nice warm bath! I wish it had been hot, but it wasn’t! But it felt really good!!!

So, I’ll be running on Saturday and Sunday to get my other two runs in!


Oohhhh, and these are my new shoes!


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