adventures in running

>interval change – run 8, walk 1

>Challenging? YEP!!! Especially with our Tuesday coach!!!! Remember, she’s FAST! However, someone actually kept the intervals for us, so we did actually run 8 and walk 1!!

It wasn’t easy. I was in the back …. the whole time. Okay, that’s not true, when they circle around to get me, they go behind me and then they all run past me again, and then I’m in the back again.

I was able to do the intervals all but once, where I walked maybe 2 minutes at the end of a run interval.

As soon as we took off, my right shin hurt! It hurt the WHOLE run! But I only let it get to me that one time!

K, my crazy friend from Canada who’s not right in the head, ran 2.81 miles in 37 minutes. I also have the 37 minutes part ….. but I went about 2.5 miles (the amount we were supposed to go!) Besides circling around to get me, at the end she ran in circles to keep her eye on me. Thanks K, for making sure I was okay!

I love my running group! We’re a very small group, unlike all the others I’ve run with through Fleet Feet, but it’s nice! Until today, I knew the names of everyone in the group. Two ladies joined us right before we took off tonight and I didn’t get their names. They didn’t seem too friendly ….. hope that isn’t true!

Looking forward to running Thursday with our other coach!


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