adventures in running

>singing in the rain …. no, scratch that, running in the rain ….

>RAIN …. That’s what it did today. It rained most of the day! Well, as we gathered inside before the run, it wasn’t raining. No moisture fell from the sky. When we went outside ….. it started sprinkling. YEP! Sprinkling. And because it wasn’t lightning, there wasn’t any danger, off we went!

It sprinkled on us the entire time we ran. At first it was SUPER COLD!!!! I find it amazing how quickly I warm up, though, once I start running. I wanted to grab my fleece out of the car, but I’m glad I didn’t …. it would have been wet, dead weight that I didn’t need to be running with!

Thursdays are also hill days …… The agenda today was to run 3 miles with intervals of running 8 minutes and walking 1….. doing hills!

Remember how I said I liked our Thursday coach best ’cause we go a little slower …….. well, we had our Tuesday coach tonight. In the rain. Up hills. FAST!

But ….. I feel like it was a really great run! I had to walk up the last monster hill …. but that doesn’t bother me. I ran/walked at least 3 miles tonight! We went up hills, so I worked on toning my rear end. And I had a good time with my running friends.

This is by far the best group I’ve run with! It’s a SMALL group … less than 10 of us. I know everyone’s name. Both coaches know my name. And we really have fun and encourage each other!

Also, I really like my new shoes! They’re much more comfortable than my first pair of running shoes!


2 responses

  1. KB

    >That last one was nasty, wasn't it?? My PW2 friend even agreed it was evil!! But you DID IT!!

    February 25, 2011 at 12:25 am

  2. >eh ….. i walked up the last one! but i made it up! HAHAHA

    February 25, 2011 at 12:59 am

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