adventures in running

>3 miles …. wearing my new tech skirt!

>I was looking forward to running tonight! I ordered a running skirt about a week ago, and it came in on Friday. I meant to wear it on Saturday, over my tights, but I totally forgot once I got the tights on! Tonight I wore it with compression shorts under it.

Our Tuesday coach (the fast one) wasn’t there today. The lady who’s helping organize the 10k training program ran with us. It was a good run. Instead of trying to keep up, I ran my pace. And KB kept circling around to make sure I was doing okay!

Our intervals are run 8 walk 1 and I never felt like I was waiting for that walking minute. I didn’t mind walking …. but I wasn’t just waiting for it! I didn’t have any problems breathing and I didn’t have any pains in my side like I’ve had in the past. It really was a good run! It amazes me how strong I’ve become, even since the beginning of my 10k training in January!!

We got back to the store at 2.5 miles according to my app. Another running friend, KC, was running next to me and said she wasn’t ready. She wanted to know if I’d run the full 3 miles with her, even if the rest of the group stopped. So I said I would. She was at 2.6. So, everyone turned in, and we kept going. We told them we weren’t going to stop until we hit 3 miles. We kept going. And all but one person joined us! KB, my circle back friend, ended up going 3.52 miles with her circling back and joining us at the end. But it really felt good to say we got the mileage in that we were supposed to. And it didn’t HURT to go the rest of the way!! It was surprising that I wanted to go further than the coach was pushing, and that I could go further than the coach was pushing!

So, because I was working to keep my pace more my pace, and not trying to keep up with everyone else in the group, I wondered what my running app graph would look like. It actually was a whole lot smoother than the one from Saturday! The speed was still up and down like an EKG, but it made me happy that my pace was much more consistent.

AND, I LOVED my skirt! I’ve wanted one since I started running last May, but I haven’t found one that seemed long enough in the back, that didn’t have anything under it, no panties or shorts sewn in. I certainly needed more than panties under the skirt!!! and the shorts were always too short, along with the skirt. At the Sweetheart run on the 19th, I saw someone wearing a skirt I’d had my eye on, so I asked her about it! And then I went back to their website and some skirts were on sale!!! INCLUDING skirts without anything under it! WOOHOOOO!!!

I’ve always had to wear something under my athletic shorts because my legs rub together. But those outer shorts ride up. So, I thought if I had a skirt, there wouldn’t be anything to ride up! HAHAHA And …. it was perfect! It fit well, and I didn’t have any problems with it. And …. it covered my compression shorts! HAHAHA

GREAT RUN!! Great day! Great weather!


2 responses

  1. >I am so proud of you and jealous at the same time. I wish that I could sart funning and keep up with it. I do plan to start working out on a regular basis though. OK…Do tell. Where did you get your skirt? I want to see a pic!

    March 2, 2011 at 9:52 pm

  2. >Thank you!!! I think you could do it!!! You just need a group to do it with! There's a lot of motivation going on in a group! And accountability! The problem is, it takes time away from your family, but it really is a gift to your family because you're becoming healthier!! I got my skirt from I just got the black triathlon skirt from the sale page (size large, or their size 4)! It's got a pocket on each hip with velcro closures. Thinking I need a few more!

    March 2, 2011 at 11:55 pm

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