adventures in running

>Saturday run …. 4.3 miles???

>I was not looking forward to this run. Not only did I have to drive to Tulsa, I also had to get up early to do it. And Saturday is my day to sleep in. And I didn’t sleep in the last Saturday either ……

But my new friend, KB, gave me a hard time and convinced me to go. So I committed myself and my mom to being there.

I thought it was only a 3 mile run. AAAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD I was wrong.

I got a new app for my iphone to track my runs and I was looking forward to seeing all it could do.

Sooooo …. off we go. And right off the bat, I’m behind. But not far behind. I worked very hard to keep up with the group. I got progressively slower as the run went on.

I’m cruising along, feeling okay. KB and my mom keep circling back to check on me. Felt a little like I had 2 moms hovering, but it really did help me to know they’d be back! At about 2.7 miles, I’m like okay, K, I’m stopping at 3, still thinking it’s a 3 mile run, but knowing it’s going to take longer than .3 to get back to the store going back the way we’d come. And she said oh no, you’re not! We’re going 4 miles today. I argued with her about it only being a 3 mile run. It didn’t do me any good. So, I continued running my intervals. And realized that 4.3 really wasn’t such a hard thing to do!

I felt AMAZING after the run! I really felt like I’d accomplished something, ’cause the longest I’d run before that was a 5k, 3.1 miles.

So, the app was jog log and I LOVE it! It’ll update to the dailymile and then to my facebook. The dailymile keeps track of my mileage per day, per week, per year, so I wish I’d had the app since the beginning of my running days! But, I didn’t even have my iphone then!

The app is neat! After saving the run, there’s a summary that includes a line graph that has a line for elevation, pace, speed, and heart rate if you’ve got a certain heart rate monitor. I’ve always thought I run a pretty steady pace, but looking the graph, it was like an EKG. Up, down, up, down, up, down, the entire run!!


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