adventures in running

>3.5 and killer hills!!

>Tonight’s run was a little sad. My new friend and encourager, the person who circles back to make sure I’m still running, KB, wasn’t there!!! J also mentioned that she missed KB. KB runs with the Claremore No Boundaries (5k training program), and even though she’s doing Pathways (10k training program), she’s going to be a mentor for the NoBo in Claremore …… which is on Tuesdays and Thursdays like the Pathways group that runs from Kings Pointe Village at 61st and Yale. So …. we’ll only get to see KB about once a week when NoBo actually starts in Claremore.

The hills truly were awful tonight. I think I did a pretty good job of not getting too far behind, even without KB checking on me. The fast runners in the group only had to circle back a few times.

Tuesday was a great run. No pain in my right side, my face didn’t seem to get too hot, my legs felt good for the run, we only had small hills to tackle ……

Tonight, towards the very end I got a pain in my right side. I think that happens when I’m pushing my pace to keep up with everyone else. We were running back to the store on 61st Street, next to LaFortune Park and I was worried that because I was a ways behind the next person, I might get snatched and no one would notice ….. so I ran faster to keep the distance as small as possible. So, I believe when I’m pushing my pace more than just a little, I get the pain in my side, and I’m not sure how to fix it. I thought at one point it was either breathing or hydration (either too much or too little) but I truly believe it happens when I push myself.

Also tonight, my face got really hot!! I use a medicated face wash in the morning and I know that really reacts when I get really hot and sweaty, so I use an un-medicated face wash before I run ….. which usually keeps my face from getting so hot, so I’m not sure what was up tonight. Maybe it was warmer than it has been, but it still doesn’t make much sense.

Annndddd ….. my calves hurt for the first mile and a half tonight! Which included a run up Richmond Hill, which was surprisingly not the worst hill we ran today!

I’m also struggling with what I think is shin splints, but only in my right leg. I’ve done everything short of buying the compression socks or sleeves and I’m just not sure I’m willing to pay that much money ’cause I’m not sure I’d wear them when I ran in the summer. I don’t think they’d be flattering to my figure at all!! My legs don’t need to look any shorter than they already are!

So ……. while it wasn’t a fantastic run, I did well. I am proud of myself. Like Tuesday, I hadn’t gone the complete mileage (3.5 today) when we got back to the parking lot, so I ran until I hit it! And KC and S ran with me!! KC started this Tuesday, but now I’m committed to getting that mileage in! (Except maybe not the honor run. We’re supposed to run 4 days a week, and I don’t think my body’s ready to run 2 days in a row, and that’s what’s required to get the 4 days in…. So I’ll run the long runs on Saturday, but I doubt I’ll be getting the honor runs in. sssshhhhh don’t tell!)


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