adventures in running

>Saturday run – 4.5!! (prepared this time!)

>Saturday, I couldn’t run with my group this morning, so S and I decided we’d meet later in the day, when we could both run. Mom met us, too.

We were supposed to go 4.5 miles with run 8 walk 1 intervals. I figured out how to add intervals on my iphone app (jog log) and off we went! Mom, of course, took off …… My excuse is she’s 4-5 inches taller than me! Her legs are longer!

We met at Fleet Feet at 61st and Yale (where S and I are training for the 10k) and ran from the store, around the neighborhood, and over to LaFortune Park, and then back through the neighborhood, and back to the store.

We were at around 3.5 when we heard someone coming up behind us. Not many people had passed us, not many people were going the same direction around the park as we were. I didn’t turn around, but S did. I could hear the person, and they just seemed to be running just behind us. S said she wasn’t sure if she needed to get over or not. About a minute after we heard him coming, he spoke up. (keep in mind we’re running, and a minute is a long time, and we run slowly!) He said I just want you two to know that I’ve been trying to catch you for the last two miles. (a little freaky, right?!) He went on to say it’s been a while since he’s run around the entire park and we had inspired him to do so. He asked about our shoes and we told him to go to Fleet Feet, they would fit him for the right running shoe. He asked how long we’d been running and how often we run. We told him about the couch to 5k program. Made a little more small talk and when it was time for us to walk our minute, he kept on going. So …. we took that as a positive that we’d encouraged him to run!

Made it back to the neighborhood and saw mom coming back for us! HA We went 4.5, she went at least 5.

S and I ran all 8 minutes every time! It was a fantastic run. It started out super windy and when the wind died down, it was a little warm! Wish I’d had on a short sleeve shirt instead of a long sleeve shirt.

I felt much better than I did the last Saturday, when we went 4.3. I was mentally prepared for 4.5! Last time I thought it was only a 3 mile run!

Because it doesn’t post it anywhere, I’m going to keep track of my pace per mile in the entry!

Mile 1 – 12:54
Mile 2 – 14:12
Mile 3 – 15:17
Mile 4 – 14:28
Mile 4-4.53 – 6:56

Pretty proud that only one mile was over a 15 minute mile! AND THAT ONE WAS UNDER A 13 MINUTE MILE!!!!


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