adventures in running

>Sunday run … around the block

>Some of you know that I live out in the country. Most of you probably don’t know that where I live, the blocks are a mile apart. So, to go around our block is a 4 mile trip ……

Last night Mom said, “You want to run around the block tomorrow?” “Um, no!” I said! I KNOW that the block is 4 miles!

I’m supposed to run 4 days a week, but I usually stick to 3 because I’ve worried about running 2 days in a row. So, even if I chose to run today, my schedule dictates a 3 mile run, not a 4 mile run …… NOT a 4 mile run!

She convinced me that it would be a good thing, so I agreed to it last night. I had it on my brain this morning when I went to church. I had it on my brain as I came home from church. I knew that I needed to eat something before we went, and that it needed time to settle …….

So, I got comfy in my bed and tried not to fall asleep … HA Mom came in with the dog and asked if I was ready to go. She convinced me again that I should go. We now both have dailymile accounts. Dailymile keeps track of your weekly miles, and your yearly miles, and your total miles ….. and I’m a little competetive. I know that Mom runs faster than I do, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to fight her to have the most miles! HAHA

Off we went. Again, in the middle of the run, I regretted wearing the long sleeve shirt! And shorts or a skirt would have been a better choice than the capris. It really was warmer than yesterday, and a lot less windy!! There was a gentle breeze until the last mile, when the wind really started blowing! Mom circled around so she didn’t get too far ahead of me, but she finished with mileage of 4.49 so she didn’t go too much farther than me today!

It was a nice run. The path was pretty flat and the road wasn’t bad! I’d do it again. And running two days in a row wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We stretched after yeterday’s run and I wasn’t sore at all during today’s run! I wonder, though, how my body will feel tomorrow! Tomorrow’s Zumba …. (=

I RAN 9 MILES THIS WEEKEND!!! 9 MILES! I remember when I couldn’t run a minute!!

Today’s mileage – 4.41 miles
Mile 1 – 13:30
Mile 2 – 14:00
Mile 3 – 13:56
Mile 4 – 14:09
Mile 4-4.39* – 4:59

*somehow .02 wasn’t tracked ….



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