adventures in running

>Thursday means hills

>Today, I got to the store early. Like really early. I was there at 5:20. (we don’t run until 6:00) I went to the bathroom. I put my hat on. I stood around. I decided I needed to purchase some energy jelly beans so I walked out to my car to get my check card. Purchased my beans and walked  back out to my car to put all but one package and my check card away. Walked back to the store. Stood around waiting for someone in my running group to show up. I thought they were usually earlier than this?! Then I remembered I could pick up my Pathways (10k training program) shirt. So, I picked it up, walked to my car to put it away. Walked back to the store. My friends still are no where to be found. Then I realized I didn’t have my light. It’s super important to me. We can get into neighborhoods that aren’t lit at all. (And someone at the Rogers County class fell and busted up her face in the dark. How she landed on her face and not her hands is beyond me, but I’m certainly not busting up my face if I can help it!) So I walked back to my car to get my light and walked back to the store.

Funny thing? There was someone who had backed in to a spot and sat in his truck the whole time that was going on. Who knows what he was thinking. I was slightly worried that he might break into my car, but then I figured he probably wouldn’t try because he would never know when I was coming back out! HAHAHA

Ooookay….. so my friends start to arrive. When it’s time to assemble outside as a group, half of the group is standing in line to use the restroom. I waited for them and not until they were all out did I realize I probably should have gone again. Oh well, there was still a line, I decided I wasn’t going to make everyone wait for me. Out we go.

Coach T was intent on making us run awful hills today. The thing is, there are plenty of awful hills to choose from around 61st and Yale. PLENTY!

I can’t tell you how many we ran up, but our group did an amazing job! I ran every time we were supposed to run. I ran up every hill. And I realize that these hills aren’t nearly as hard as I imagined they would be. I’ve trained well, I’ve conditioned my body to be able to run these hills, and it did well! Now, don’t fool yourself into believing I like hills. ‘Cause I don’t! But, they aren’t as hard as they used to be, and they will help me on my race days.

Speaking of race days ….. I’m running in a race on Saturday. It’s the St. Patrick’s Day run benefitting the Special Olympics. Mom and I have new green Under Armour tech shirts to wear! Oh man, it just hit me that this isn’t a Fleet Feet run so Lori probably won’t be out there taking pictures. What a bummer! I was looking forward to having action shorts to print on an 8×10 collage (free at walgreens often!) …. hhhmmmm …. Kenna, will you snap pictures of us as we come to the finish line? hehehe Yep, I use my friends. (=

Back to today’s run. We did hills but it was a much better run than the one Tuesday!


2 responses

  1. KB

    >HA! I said to Roger earlier that I had to be sure and take the little camera!! So yep, no problem.Hills are funny, aren't they?? I'm never sure if I just THINK they will be worse than they are or if they are actually getting *easier* (and I use the term loosely), but I sure am proud of ALL of our group!!!

    March 11, 2011 at 8:21 am

  2. >Thanks ma'am!!! I'm with you. I'm not sure which it is, but they aren't as difficult as I think they're going to be!

    March 11, 2011 at 10:26 pm

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