adventures in running

>Tuesday run/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras Party

>Fleet Feet was hosting a Mardi Gras fun run and party at their Blue Dome store (downtown) on Tuesday, when we usually do our 10k training out of the Kings Pointe store (61st & Yale.) We had discussed very briefly as a group running down town to be there for the party afterwards. As a group, without the coaches, we had decided we would run downtown even if the coaches didn’t come.

Tuesday morning we received an email from the 10k training coordinator saying that the training had been moved to the Blue Dome store so we could participate in the Mardi Gras festivities. I knew that most of my running peeps would be there ’cause we’d discussed it. However, I was worried about the coach and the few people who we haven’t friended on facebook. But I shouldn’t have worried, they were there.

To start off ….. I parked in a grass lot at 3rd and Frankfort. Others had parked there, I was worried there wouldn’t be any street parking nearby, so I parked there. After I got all my gear situated, I noticed a cop sitting on the lot. I worried that he’d wait until the lot got full and then he’d give everyone a ticket. HAHA That’s how my mind thinks about cops. As I was walking to the corner to cross the street, two other people were doing the same. One lady said she saw the cop and thought, “Good, he can watch my stuff.” SOOO NOT HOW I THINK! The other person went and asked if it was okay to park there. The cop said he didn’t see why not, but didn’t seem too convincing. I figured downtown was having a big shin-dig, hopefully he wouldn’t ticket us.

It was COLD! I only had my short sleeve shirt with me. I had my tights in the car, but I already had my capris on, so I didn’t really want to change. We stood inside the store until it was almost time to run, so it wasn’t so bad.

It was also a little drizzly. Wet, cold runs are generally miserable. And I’ve gotta say, this one was right there! The run was pretty easy. There were 2 sets of train tracks we had to run across that were just awkward to run. We didn’t have hills. But running downtown is just a little tricky. There were cars everywhere, which we really aren’t used to running in the neighborhoods at 61st and Yale.

We went to a retention pond (that wasn’t retaining anything) close to OSU Tulsa and did some speed work. We ran as fast as we could for a short distance twice and for a longer distance once. It was difficult. I was surprised that I was able to go faster, but I know I couldn’t do that for a sustained period of time.

I need to post it on my dailymile account. Since it was a little rainy, I didn’t want to use my phone and ruin it, so I left it in the car.

It really doesn’t rank up there very high on my record of excellent runs. But that’s okay. A bad run is still a run!


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