adventures in running

>St. Patrick’s Day Run … and then some …

>Before K can yell at me …

Today was certainly a DAY! Mom and I decided a while back that we would run the St. Patrick’s Day 5k. We ordered green tech shirts especially for this day! If you haven’t noticed in my pictures, I’m partial to a certain type of Under Armour shirt. They’re super light-weight and I think they feel fantastic! Other shirts have been too clingy. Mom’s not quite as partial, but has a few now! I’m also really partial to their PINK shirts … so this was a special occasion! (=

K was also going to run. Yesterday someone started a group message on facebook about running the route for our Pathways (10k training program with Fleet Feet) long run. KC and J were going to run at Kings Pointe (61st and Yale) but were persuaded to join us for the St. Patrick’s Day Run! After the store had closed. So, they had to register this morning.

This morning I’m getting myself ready for the run and my phone rings. Unusual …. It’s S! She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was getting ready for the run. She asked if she could run with us. HAHA Of course she can!! S is my first running buddy! We’ve conquered many goals together! She was already there. Had already registered! But they had run out of shirts. So, S, KC, and J are running this run without the reward of a shirt. )= Sorry!!

I told her I’d call her when we got there.

Mom and I leave later than we’d figured. And hit traffic on I-44. And I needed to use the restroom. So, we parked behind the O’Reilly’s at like 48th and Peoria. Walked to the QT. Now, for some reason I was thinking I’d be the only one stopping in to use the restroom. And I was wrong! HAHAHA There was a line. One line. Two restrooms, a men’s and a women’s. And one line. So, the men had to wait their turn! HAHAHA Sorry men!!! S called as we’re standing in line at 9:00. The race starts at 9:15! She told me where they were standing and I told her I’d find her when I made it through the line. At like 9:10 she called again. I’d just finished and we were walking out the door. WHEW! I was a little worried I wouldn’t make in time.

So I found my friends and not long after that it was time to RUN! I had determined I’d run 4 and walk 1. Our intervals with Pathways is supposed to be 9 and 1 this week, but it’s different in a race. 😉

For those of you who haven’t been reading since the beginning, S is faster than I am. No doubt about it. But she’s kind and runs with me anyway.

We did our intervals all the way through. After the 4k mark I could have walked the rest of the way, but S said I couldn’t walk until it was time. That’s why it’s a running partner is a great thing!!

We really did make great time! My official chip time was 42:16. The next fastest race I had, I believe, was 43:49 at the Sweetheart Run in February where I ran with Coach T and she pushed me hard!!

Average pace was 13:29 min/mile
Mile 1 – 12:38
Mile 2 – 12:34
Mile 3 – 12:33
Mile 3-3.14 – 1:22

The graph is all over the place!!! I sure wish I could post that!!!! You’d get a kick out of it!

So …. remember it’s Saturday so it’s supposed to be our long run day. We’d also agreed ahead of time to do an additional 2 miles, ALTHOUGH the schedule says 4.5 miles total …. K thought we should do 5. The route for us was also a 5 mile route, so it wasn’t truly a stretch.

After all of our crew finished the race we stood around talking, drinking chocolate milk or beer, and baking in the sun. Until J and I heard a lot of cheering. There was one person left on the course. It was a large guy who had walked the entire 5k. Everyone started cheering as he came up to the finish line. Someone also went out there with him and he ran the last few steps. It really was a neat experience to watch as those in the running community that were there really rallied around this guy to support him!

And then we decided it was time to run. Slllloooowwwwly!! It was a rough go. My legs definitely hurt. I certainly would have rather been soaking in a hot tub! But, it felt good when we finished!!!

Average pace – 15:13
Mile 1 – 14:01
Mile 2 – 12:59

I love my Pathways P3 group!!! It was neat to do this with them today!!!

This is about half of my PW3 group!!

Pathways peeps!
Mom and I in our green shirts!

K and I
Juuuuust something I picked up on our run through the neighborhood! At least it didn’t trip me up! Didn’t notice it until I was getting out of the car after running.

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