adventures in running


>Totally awful. The only good thing about tonight’s run is that I wasn’t by myself. Aaannnnd everyone else seemed to have a rough run, too!

This morning it was a bit windy and chilly. It warmed up. Reeeally warmed up. All I had packed in my bag was short sleeve shirts (2 of ’em), my capri pants, and my running skirt ….. without any compression shorts. So, a short sleeve shirt and capri pants it was! And it was TOOOOOOO MUCH CLOTHING!!!!

Awful. I can’t even truly tell you why it was awful. Usually I hurt in one place or another. My shins hurt, my calves hurt, my feet hurt, I get a pain in my side …. none of that hurt.

It was warmer than I’d excepted. I was dressed warmer than I should have been.

The only consolation, it sounds like everyone that ran this evening had a difficult time. Not just my group of runners, but my mom and another friend as well.

Soooo ….. from now on I’ll pack a sleeveless shirt and a short sleeve shirt. Capri pants and shorts. I’ll be prepared!

Average pace 15:58
Mile 1 – 14:33
Mile 2 – 15:56
Mile 3 – 21:04
Mile 3-3.25 – 4.32


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