adventures in running

>5 miles! We were only supposed to go 4.5!!!

>K’s husband is training for a longer distance than a 10k. I think he’s training for a half marathon, but it could be a full! Those people leave at 7 from Fleet Feet for their long runs. K rides with him, so she’s there at 7. And wishing the rest of us there at 7, too. I blame KC. She’s the first one to cave in our facebook messages to meet earlier than 8. So, we all agreed to be there at 7:30. But really, only K and KC were there at 7:30, everyone else was 10-15 minutes late … woooops!!!

This wasn’t an excellent run. Like the Thursday run, I don’t really have much of an excuse. I suppose my legs were a little stiff, and towards the end I had a pain in my side from worrying more about keeping my feet moving and less about breathing. But it wasn’t hot, warmer than I expected, warmer than I’d dressed for. I should have worn shorts, but it was chilly until my body warmed up from running.

It was hard to smile on this run, and usually I don’t have a problem. I smile at K when she circles back to make sure I’m doing okay. I didn’t smile at her. I didn’t smile at S when she came to check on me. And I didn’t smile at Mom when she came to check on me. It was just all I could do to keep running.

Our schedule says our run was supposed to be 4.5 but K likes to go further. She’s already determined we’d go 5. So, we get back to the store at 4.5 and and then run around the neighborhood by the store for another half mile.

The run was difficult. Not impossible like Thursday’s run. Not wonderful like the Saturday before. But I felt A-MA-ZING after the run. I felt like I’d really accomplished something!! 5 miles is a good distance! HA My 10k is 6.2. If we keep running further than the schedule says, we should be running 6 in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to that. For as much complaining as I do about running “extra,” I really don’t mind. 😉 Someone’s got to complain!

So, I’m looking forward to a better week of runs!

Average pace 14:46
Mile 1 – 14:06
Mile 2 – 15:03
Mile 3 – 15:12
Mile 4 – 17:53
Mile 4-4.98 – 14:42


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  1. KB

    >You DID accomplish something, and you should be darn proud of yourself!! And it's QUITE OKAY not to smile, I won't hold that against you! hahahahahaI totally hear you on feeling amazing afterwards. So many days I simply do NOT WANT TO GO RUN, but I know putting on my shoes and my happy smiley face almost always makes me feel fantastic (ok, not Thursday though…. and I swear I tried!). I don't know if it's the exercise, the company, the feeling like I've accomplished something…. probably a combination of all three.Like I told you Saturday – you never quit, and that is AWESOME!!!

    March 21, 2011 at 8:17 am

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