adventures in running

>A Walk with Mom

>I napped after church. I work with preschoolers during the second service, I feel like I deserve a nap!

However, today I spent too much time napping. Mom convinced me to go for a walk with her. Ya know, you think it’ll just take a few minutes to change clothes …. and it takes more like 15. You’ve got to find this and find that. Where are the socks? Where’s my armband? UGH!!! So eventually, we head out for our walk.

Our “block” as I think I’ve mentioned before is a mile on each side. Plus the distance from the house to the road. So, it’s 4.4 miles and that didn’t seem to interest us today. So, we walked down the road and into neighborhoods.

The problem with living in a rural area is that dogs aren’t always fenced. Our dogs are. Many dogs are. Not all dogs are! And those that aren’t fenced like to bark and run at you and sometimes follow you. Not truly my idea of fun. I’m sure they sense my fear. I don’t know the dog, so I don’t know why he’s running at me. Is he just excited to see someone? Is he hungry so he’s going to try to bite me? Not fun.

You remember that my mom runs faster than I do? Well, she really doesn’t walk too much faster than I do. I did a good job of keeping up with her!

Average pace 17:40
Mile 1 – 17:13
Mile 2 – 17:56
Mile 3 – 18:04
Mile 3-3:2 – 3:34


One response

  1. KB

    >You need pepper spray!! WE started carrying it in our neighborhood after Roger got bitten by a dog that has always been friendly (we all think he got scared and reacted)

    March 21, 2011 at 8:14 am

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