adventures in running


>Have I ever mentioned my goals on here? Like goals set along the way to get me where I am now?

My first running friend, S, I think, started the idea of goals. And together we have set many goals and accomplished them all. So, I thought I’d take time to list them as a reminder of how far we’ve come!!!

We started the Fleet Feet No Boundries Couch to 5k program in May of 2010.

We met because I’d been to the class for a week and had heard about rotten cotton. And S showed up wearing a cotton shirt. So …. being the helpful, nosy person that I am …. I told her what they’d already told me. After that, we hit it off!

We decided at the end of June that we’d run the Firecracker 5k on July 3rd. We would just run our intervals (run 3 walk 3) and finish and not die. That was our first goal. And we accomplished it!! My chip time was 46:48. Seriously not bad! And I haven’t improved a whole lot since then!!!

The graduation run was the 5k at the Williams Route 66 Quarter Marathon on August 7. The goal was to beat our previous time. And I accomplished it!! I believe S did, too! She ran her pace and left me to run mine, but I did wonderfully anyway. My chip time was 44:18. A personal record at that point. I ALMOST beat my mom’s personal record …. which was 44:13. )= 5 seconds ….

We did the Nightmare on 2nd Street one mile fun run at Fleet Feet just before Halloween and our goal was to run the enitre mile. Not to run it fast, but to run the whole thing. We’d never done anything like that before. And we accomplished it!!

Our 2nd Couch to 5k graduation run was the 5k at the Williams Route 66 Marathon on November 21. Our goal was to run the entire 5k. Run without stopping. And we accomplished it!! My chip time was 48:22. So …. the timing was not as good as my other runs. BUT I RAN THE WHOLE 5K!!!

The next step for us was to do the Pathways 10k training. And so far, we really are kicking butt! Everyone in our PW3 group is!! I’m sure everyone in Pathways is, but I know for sure my PW3 group’s got this! We’ll kick butt during out 10k!

Afraid to set the goal to run the whole thing, but I’m certainly thinking about it. We’ll work on our distance. Hopefully we’ll be running 6 miles before too long, so then I’ll work on running more and walking less. Right now our intervals are run 9 walk 1. So …. we really aren’t doing a lot of walking anyway!


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