adventures in running

>White tech shirts? As our program shirt?

>Really? ‘Cause they look so good on people? No. They don’t. I do, however, like it better than the No Boundaries (5k training) program shirt. No Boundaries is sponsored by New Balance, so the shirts were made by New Balance. They were heavier than the shirts I’d purchased. And I felt like they clinged worse. Pathways (the 10k training) is sponsored by Nike. So the program shirt is made by Nike. I like the feeling of it better, but it’s white.

Someone else in my PW3 group was also disappointed about the color and said she wouldn’t wear it. I told her I probably wouldn’t either. Then I got the big idea to dye them pink. K needs a pink shirt. I found one on ebay for her. She bought it and doesn’t like the fit at all. Now, mind you, she makes gymnastic leotards so she could alter this shirt however she’d like. I told her she could just add black at the side seams. She said no. The rest of us have pink shirts so I know that’s an acceptable color. So, I asked around to see if everyone would be willing to dye their shirt pink. Everyone was in.

AND THEN … I started researching dying tech shirts. 3 shirt making friends said it couldn’t be done. That the polyester won’t accept the dye. Rit’s website says it won’t accept the dye. Mom and I were at Jo Ann Fabrics yesterday and ended up in the dye aisle. AND they have a product that dyes polyester. iDye Poly by Jacquard. HOWEVER they did not have pink. Bummer for sure. I purchased the red package, thinking i could just not leave it in the dye as long as it says.

I have another white tech shirt that I got for free for participating in a summer program I’ll try it on. I don’t want to mess up the program shirt if it doesn’t work. I’d rather wear another tight shirt under it on graduation race day than wear a splotchy program shirt ……

So, I’ll update this when I have dyed the trial shirt! Hoping to do it on Friday.


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