adventures in running

>Another bad run

>I Zumba’d yesterday. I didn’t make a blog post for it, but I suppose I should have. It felt good! But my ankles hurt before we even started …… could be because of the flip flops …..

Before I get to the running …. I got to the store at about 5:20 and we don’t run until 6. I was reading a book on my kindle app for my iPhone and sometimes when I’m reading, my eyelids just get soooo heavy. At about 5:30 I set my alarm for 5:50 and dozed off with the windows rolled half way down. I woke up at 5:45, worried that I’d been snoring as people walked by. But, I didn’t hear anyone, so I can’t be sure!

I was still a little sleepy when we headed out.

Our fast coach, J, didn’t say that she didn’t have a timer or anything to keep track of our intervals until we were off and running. My jog log app will do intervals, but I can’t change it after I’ve already started running! However, I do think we did close to the correct intervals. We as in everyone else in the group. I did well the first few and then my shins and calves were screaming!!!

Shins and calves hurt. I had a headache. Had a pain in my neck/shoulders. One ear is clogged so the sound of my breathing is intensified. Both ankles hurt. Many excuses for a poor run!

We ran through neighborhoods and to the Woodland Acres Baptist Church, which just happens to be where the walking bridge to cross over Harvard is ….. with the spiral sidewalk on both sides ……. not nearly as painful as I’d imagined it would be. Not nearly as bad as some of those stinkin’ hills we’ve run!

I didn’t have my arm band, but I was wearing my skirt, so I put my phone in the hip pocket on my skirt. It seemed to do okay there. I was worried it would either shimmy my skirt down or bump against my leg every other step and it really didn’t do either. I approve of the pockets! I approve of the skirt!!

I wore my hat. Which isn’t new. I ran with it all last summer and LOVED it! Today it made my head too hot!!! I took it off, undid the back and attached it to my water bottle. Easy enough fix.

Certainly missed K today!! It was AWFUL quiet without her! A big thanks to J and coach J both for circling back to get me.

Afterwards, I Cherry Berry in Owasso to support a cure for Cystic Fibrosis! That place was packed. If I hadn’t intentionally gone to support this little guy and this awful disease, I would have turned around and walked out. I’m not a fan of crowds. But, I am very glad it was packed because 10% of their proceeds went to helping find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis! At that point, I say the more the merrier, just let me get my yogurt and run!! (= I definitely ate more calories in frozen yogurt than I burned on my run today!!

Oohhhh and runny thing with my graph. My speed and pace seemed pretty level today. I wonder if that’s because it was in my hip pocket and not on my arm swinging up and down so much? Worth another look, I suppose.

Average pace – 15:14
Mile 1 – 15:53
Mile 2 – 14:37
Mile 2-2.74 – 12:04


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