adventures in running

>4.09 instead of 3.5!

>Before we started our run tonight, I was a little worried. Tuesday’s run didn’t go so well. My calves/shins started hurting as soon as we took off, but not before! So, I was worried today would be a repeat.

We started off and my legs were a bit tight, but they’re always like that when we take off. And they didn’t ever feel great when I was running, but I was able to do a lot more running today than Tuesday!! It was a little cooler than it was Tuesday.

I wore my compression shorts and skirt again and a long sleeve shirt. That was a pretty good combination. It got pretty warm at one point, with no breeze. Amazing how it was windy and a little chilly all day and then when we’re running, the air is still! As we were finishing, we all started getting chilly.

We ran some awful hills tonight. And we all did a great job!!!

Two people that don’t usually run with us joined us today. They were always at the front. And they really didn’t do much circling back for the rest of us. It’s okay, they aren’t part of our group anyway. (=

Soooo …. the schedule says 3.5 today. We did some nasty hills. At least one hill I don’t think we’ve ever run before. We got back around to the top of Richmond Hill at 2.5 miles and Coach T didn’t think we’d get another mile in from there to the store so she wanted us to run around an apartment complex. On a hill. So we got to choose which way we went. From a previous hill night, we knew we didn’t want to come up the hill to the left, so we ran down that hill, and around the complex, and up the other side. Which I don’t promise to be better than the other way.

When we got back to the store we’d gone 4 miles!! It really wasn’t a problem. We all really did a fantastic job!

Oohhhh, and those two that joined us …… when they got tot he top of Richmond Hill at about 2.5 miles, they didn’t wait for us, they just took off back to the store. Wonder if they actually hit 3.5 miles?

We were down several group members today! Missing KB who’s on the injured list. Missed K who was running with her Rogers County No Boundaries group! (My Mom’s a coach and K’s a mentor, and they’re in the same group! How neat is that?!) Also missed KC. BUT we finally heard form her. We were all a little worried this evening when she didn’t show up again. But she facebooked us so we know she’s alive. She’s just been really busy with work. Hoping it slows down for her.

And tonight was the Gel Tasting Clinic. They called it a clinic, I’m not sure I’d call it a clinic. But, I was able to taste several gels and things without having to buy them so I’m not complaining.

I like the Jelly Beans Sport Beans in Fruit Punch, the breast cancer awareness bag. S and I buy those often. I already knew the Shot Bloks really aren’t fantastic. DON’T try the margarita flavor ….. NAAAAAAASTY! There were two things I tried tonight that weren’t too bad. The Honey Stinger Cherry Blossom (all organic) was very good! Probably tasted better than the Sport Beans. Bigger. Won’t fit in the pouch on my water bottle ….. but I’m sure I could come up with something. I also didn’t mind the Honey Stingers Waffles too much. I really wasn’t thinking waffle when I picked it up, but it really did kind of taste like a waffle, without syrup.

I did not like the Honey Stingers gel … there was a plate full of them and I assumed they were all different, but they really all looked the same. I also tried the Hammer Gel Espresso. Maybe if I liked strong black coffee …… but it was a little too strong and not sweet for me.

I believe it was a neat experience. I would have probably bought the Honey Stinger chews in Cherry Blossom without testing them. CoachT says that’s what she uses because they’re organic and that’s good for her stomach.

And one other thing ….. several of my PW3 group is running the Wish Lemons Run on Saturday. It benefits missions here in Tulsa and abroad. How can we not run it? It doesn’t hurt that we get a point towards our graduation for running it!! (= Join us this Saturday! The run starts at 9 at 11th and Main in Tulsa. We’ll be meeting in the First United Methodist parking lot not far from the start line. Hopefully. (=
Average pace 15:03
Mile 1 – 14:50
Mile 2 – 15:31
Mile 3 – 15:05
Mile 4 – 16:51


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