adventures in running

>Wish Lemons 5k

>Funny how we decided to run the Wish Lemons 5k.

I had already decided I didn’t want to pay to run to many times. Races are fun. They benefit amazing causes. But they aren’t free. So I’d already decided I was just going to run downtown with my group.

Mom then told me she’d told someone else she’d run it. UGH! I can’t let my mom run a race I’m not in. I think it’s only happened twice both ways. I’ve run 2 she hasn’t been in, and she’s run 2 I haven’t been in.

K said she could go either way. We needed to get our Long Saturday Run in anyway. We could just run our 5 miles out of Fleet Feet’s Blue Dome store (where we get credit for signing in) or we could run the 5k and then 2 additional mile.

K said to discuss it at our run on Thursday. J was going to be out of town today, so she didn’t have an opinion. KC wasn’t there. (Which was a little worrysome, but we’ve since been in contact and she was just crazy busy at work!) S said she didn’t care either way. Still, we’re uncertain!

And another running buddy, SG, ran with our PW3 group. Really, she’s faster than us. Like K. But, she likes running with us, ’cause apparently we’re more fun. We’re such a small group that we all know each other’s names. We’ve all friended each other on facebook. We run 5ks together. Well, not really together, we do our own thing, but we meet before and after! (and run some more …. ) By far THE BEST running group I’ve been a part of. And this is my third.

After our 4 mile run (that should have only been 3.5 … ), S, SG, and I stood around going back and forth, but eventually decided we’d run the Wish Lemons 5k!

The proceeds from the run benefit missions in Tulsa and around the world. How can you go wrong with that?

So …. I’d decided last night I’d wear my capris and a long sleeve shirt. The long sleeve shirt is light weight enough, that if I get warm running, I can push my sleeves up and be okay. But would protect my arms a little if it was super chilly. Then I saw mom wearing a short sleeve shirt and decided I’d wear one, too. Which turned out to be a really poor decision! When I saw her, she didn’t have her jacket on. Which she took to the race. And wore through the entire 5k. Yeah … she had protection for her arms. And I didn’t.

The conditions were certainly far from ideal. The St. Patrick’s Day Run on March 12, that day we had ideal weather conditions!! Today, today it was COOOLD, a bit windy, and misting. The temperature fell as the morning went on. When we finished the 5k, we could see our breath. Not what you’re looking for on a 5k day!

S ran with me. She was hoping for a PR/PB (personal record or personal best.) I asked if she wanted to run 4 walk 1 intervals, and she said she didn’t think we pushed ourselves when we ran short intervals like that. So, we ran the first k. Actually, I think we might have run the whole first mile. At around 13-13:30 I told her if we kept up this pace, we certainly wouldn’t make her PR. So, we switched to 4 and 1, pushing ourselves. If you’ve been reading long, you know that S is faster than I am. But we run well together, so she runs at my pace. So, when she was pushing herself, it was harder on me. But we did all that we could.

She didn’t make her PR, and I don’t think I did either. My results are messed up, though. This morning, after the run, we checked our times. There are two times for races. The gun time, which is from the time the gun goes off and the race starts until you cross the finish line. And the chip time, which is from the time YOU cross the start line until YOU cross the finish line. This morning, my gun time and chip time were both 43:11. Which isn’t possible because I didn’t cross the start line when the gun went off. S’s chip time was 22 seconds faster than her gun time, so mine should have been, too. Meaning it took us 22 seconds to get to the start line to begin the race.

UGH! I just noticed they don’t have my division either. Which is my age gender and age group. It says I was 123/177 female runners, but it doesn’t say where I ranked in my age group.

Soooo ….. after the race it was cold! Colder than it was when we started! Remeber, I said we could see our breath!

The amazing thing about the Wish Lemons Run is that they let you use the Youth and Family Center restrooms, and couches and chairs. HEHE Good thing, too, cause it would have been brutal just standing around outside!

We enjoyed bagels and bananas and cookies before we headed off on our next leg of the day’s run.

And got questioned by another running blogger. So, stay tuned. I’ll link to it when she posts it. If she posts it.

K says it’s 2 miles to Fleet Feet’s Blue Dome store and back. So we head out again. After everyone but K used the restroom. We ran from the First United Methodist Church to the Fleet Feet Blue Dome store (0.92 miles) in 12:18 (my time), only stopping at stoplights where there weren’t any cars.

AND THEN … K needed to use the restroom at the store. That set me back. After waiting, it was hard to get running again. I walked a few minutes here and there going the 1.2 miles it took us to get back. ‘Cause we didn’t run a straight path.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad run. Weather conditions could have improved the run tremendously, but we’ve got to run in any condition.

In other news ….. I’d like to cut my hair again. I really like it about chin length, but I’ve let it grow out. I’m worried, though, that if I cut it too short, I won’t be able to put it in a pony tail. And then I worry that it’ll be too hot on my head or irritate me bouncing as I run. If you’ve got suggestions, let me know.

aaaannnndd…. I don’t think we ever saw SG. hhhmmmmm

OOOHHHHHH MY GOSH!!! When I hit “publish post” it came up with a “conflicting edit” message and told me to hit my back button, it would take me to my post, and try to publish it again. And I did that ….. and it was BLANK! BLANK!!! I thought, there’s no way I’m typing all that again! NO WAY! And then I remembered it saves drafts, so I went looking for it. And found it!!! WHEW!

Wish Lemons 5k
Mile 1 – 13:30
Mile 2 – 13:30
Mile 3 – 14:09
Mile 3-3.15 – 1:46

Additional mileage (when we stopped at the store, I accidentally stopped my phone app instead of pausing it, and there’s no un-stopping it …. so it’s broken up in 2 segments.)
Mile 0-0.92 – 12:18
Mile 0-1.2 – 16:40


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