adventures in running

>Zumba! on Tuesday?

>Yep! Remember, I’ve switched my Monday and Tuesday activities!

Same Zumba instructors, but in a different location (in Oologah, closer to home), and an hour later.

Ya know, once you get home, you don’t really want to get out again. Well, that’s how I feel, so I assume others feel like that, too. But, I took care of the little dog and made dinner. And had to wait until after Zumba to eat. Who wants soup sloshing around in your belly during Zumba? Yeah, not me!

The Tuesday/Thursday location is much larger than the Monday/Wednesday location. And on carpet instead of hardwood. And it was a lot louder because they used the church’s sound system. And there were A LOT more people there!

I ran into someone I worked with at a Daycare in Oologah just after I graduated with my teaching degree. Besides the instructors, that was the only person I recognized.

I came home yesterday after running with a sore knee. I wasn’t sure if I should Zumba tonight, but I figured I’d do it until it really hurt! It didn’t hurt too much while Zumba-ing, so I kept going!

I think I finally figured out what caused it … I ran downtown last night and jumped up and down several curbs. Oohhhhhh and wiggled in a hold in the ground. That just hit me. I was thinking it was the jumping to get up the curb, but I did land in a hole with my left foot and almost fell down! I just wiggled a little and kept on going! GOOD THING, TOO …. That would have been embarassing!!! And …. it could have ended badly, ’cause it was a grassy part just before a curb … it just could have ended badly! Thank you, Jesus, for protecting me on that one!


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