adventures in running

>First "Hill Day" run downtown

>There were two reasons for running downtown tonight. I’ll probably only tell you about one. 😉

The main reason was that I am going to the Chris Tomlin concert tomorrow night and wanted to get my run in with people, and not by myself!

It was the same group that I ran with on Monday, not my usual group, and K wasn’t there tonight. So …. I was the only KPV runner in my group.

And tonight was the first night for the new Wednesday coach. He was nice and brought another runner with him to help coach. She ran in the back with me the whole time. Definitely helped me keep going! (K, it wasn’t the tall guy from Monday! That guy’s name is Matt.)

Intervals were run 12 walk 1, except we were downtown so we had to stop at stoplights when there were cars. It really didn’t seem as difficult as I was worried it would be.

It really was a nice run, I enjoyed talking to the lady coach who ran with us!

It was a bit chilly, more so than Monday, but not too bad. I was prepared for the weather, unlike our Wish Lemons Run!

My left knee and ankle both bothered me today, during the day, but didn’t hurt at all during the run!

We got back to the store and I’d only gone 3.95 so I was going to keep going until I hit 4, and both coaches came with me! Great feeling to hit your mileage, especially if you’re the slow person in the back!!

Enjoyed a nice hot soak in epsom salt and now I’m in my pjs ready to watch Off the Map!

4 miles in 56:28 …..
Average Pace – 13:59
Mile 1 – 13:52
Mile 2 – 14:39
Mile 3 – 18:00 (again, this can’t be right …. what happens to my mile 3 ????)
Mile 4 – 13:29


2 responses

  1. KB

    >Mile 3 you get abducted by aliens. We just haven't told you yet. :)OK – so it was Matt on Monday? I thought it was supposed to be Matt on Wednesday? I swear we are going to go down as the group who went through the most coaches in any one session…..How did the hills compare to KPV? 😀

    March 30, 2011 at 10:02 pm

  2. >No … Terry's the new coach. Matt is just a runner with the PW3 group and his momma. We found a few nice hills …. comparable to a few at KPV.

    March 30, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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