adventures in running

>6.2 miles! 10k distance!!!

>(Saturday) The schedule says we were supposed to go 5.5 miles! How’d I get to 6.2? Well, the route for us today was a 6 mile route! And then I figured if I was going 6 miles, I might as well go 6.2 and have a time to beat the day of my 10k!

K wanted us to meet early. We’d “agreed” to meet at 7:30, but that didn’t happen. KC and I were both a little late. But we left for our run at 7:45. We had a PW2 runner with us! She did a great job keeping us on the route and not getting us lost!!

It really was a good run. It started out a bit chilly, but it was 7:45 in the morning!! We ran 12 and walked 1. A few times I got the pain in my right side. I think I’ve figured out it’s because I forget to breathe. Mainly up hills. I focus so much on getting up the hill, I forget to blow out all the air I take in! So, when I get that pain, I focus on my breathing and it goes away!

I didn’t have any gatorade this morning. I had about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and that was all the fuel I had. And it seemed to do pretty well. A gatorade probably would have helped. Or some beans or chews of some kind. Well, I had 3 old beans in the pouch in my water bottle. I ate them sometime in the second half of the run. They weren’t bad. I think they might have helped.

This route had LOTS of hills. Nasty hills! But we all really did well! KC had a problem with one of her legs but she was a trooper and did the entire route!! There were a few times she could have given up and headed back to the store, but she kept going!! I’m not sure I’d push through if I was in her shoes!

We missed SB and SG on this run!!

Oohhh and we heard from KB that she won’t be able to finish the training program with us! )= That really is sad. We’re all hoping she gets this figured out and is able to run again!!

Our 10k – the OSU Scrub Run – is 3 WEEKS AWAY!!!

And …. I’m confident that since I was able to do 6.2 today, I will be able to do a half marathon (13.1) in January!!

6.2 miles in 1 hour and 35 minutes
Pace 15:26
Mile 1 – 14:50
Mile 2 – 15:53
Mile 3 – 15:46
Mile 4 – 20:32
Mile 5 – 17:36
Mile 6 – 15:19
Mile 6-6.2 – questionable – my app says 6.12 in 2:02 …

One of these is not like the other ……. (well, really, two of these is not like the other, but one really sticks out!) If you add up this time, it’s an hour and 42 minutes ….. so I’m willing to bet my mile 4 is messed up this time. It’s been mile 3 the last two runs!


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