adventures in running


>Once I got home, I did not want to get out again! I would like to have put my comfy clothes on and sit on the couch. But, I know Julie was expecting me!!

It was a little warm in the room today! There was a lot of sweating going on!!

I’ve considered cutting my hair short again. (I LOVE my hair about chin length.) But, I also want to be able to put my hair in a ponytail. I DO NOT want my wet, sweaty, hair hitting the back of my neck when I run and Zumba!! ICK!!! Now, my hair at my neck gets pretty sweaty, but it’s pulled up into a ponytail so it doesn’t touch my neck!

Zumba was great tonight! Julie had to lead the whole night and she did a fantastic job! There were some songs I hadn’t Zumba’d to before …. And I DID the squat song!! IT HURT!!!


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