adventures in running

>missed 6.2 on Saturday

>Mom and I headed out driving one of Jim’s trucks. We were going to buy some trees on the way home …..

This is what happened instead!
The tire blew out! Mom didn’t hit anything. There wasn’t anything in the road. It was just weird! We’re thankful it was a back tire and that there wasn’t a lot of traffic and we were able to get over to the shoulder. However, we were headed south on 169 just before the 56th Street exit. There are 2 or 3 bridges in a row and we were between briges, with a steep embankment just past the shoulder! Not a great place to be changing a tire!
Jim came to change the tire …. with the spare from this truck! He couldn’t get the lug nuts undone so we all loaded up in his single cab truck and went home, got some different tools, and went back to the first truck.
That was a two hour ordeal.
So, we didn’t make it to meet my running group! And we missed out on pancakes after the run …..
We had lots of other things to take care of, so we didn’t get our 6.2 in on Saturday or Sunday. I’m disappointed, but I know I can do 6.2, I’ve done it, so I’m not worried.
Ready for the 3 mile run tomorrow …. wish it wasn’t downtown, though!

One response

  1. KB

    >Oh my… I saw the red and just assumed it was your mom's car!!

    April 10, 2011 at 10:32 pm

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